Erin Davies

Erin is lead Partner of Meredith Connell's employment law team.  She is a specialist employment lawyer with extensive experience representing public entities and private clients, including schools and other education providers.  Erin and her team provide a wide range of employment-related advice to employers, including around core employment advisory and disputes, workplace fraud and investigations, health & safety and discrimination/harassment.  She is a panel provider to one of NZ's biggest insurers on employment dispute claims.  A accredited mediator, Erin has represented clients in alternative dispute resolution hearings and appeared at all levels of the general and specialist tribunals and courts in New Zealand.  Erin is also a qualified workplace investigator and is on the BOT for one of New Zealand’s largest secondary schools.

To enquire about Erin Davies assisting with a sport or recreation complaint or dispute please call 0800 493 612 with no obligation to proceed.